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47) What are the available payment options?

We currently accept the following payment options:

a. Credit/Debit Card:
We accept payment via MasterCard and VISA, but only those issued by Malaysia-registered banks.
b. 1PAY E-Wallet:
You can utilise your 1PAY balance in your ONECARD account to make payment.
c. Online Banking:
You have the option to make payment by using the electronic/internet banking service provided by Malaysia-registered banks.


48) How can I check the status of my payment?

Upon a successful transaction, you will receive an order confirmation email.


49) I have made a payment, but I haven't received an order confirmation email within 2 working days. What should I do?

Please contact ONESHOP customer service by sending an email to or calling 03-7710 8118 / 019-213 6981. Our dedicated customer service team is here to provide assistance from that point forward.

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