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The Must-Have Casual Shoes

The Must-Have Casual Shoes

Let’s face it, the slip-on shoes are slowly becoming our go-to when it comes to practicality slash comfort. They also go well with every street-style what have you and likely to excel in pulling off any outfit or style if you’re brave enough. They’re casual, a lot easier to manage (there’s no laces, tying and retying them laces can get pretty darn tedious) and has since reinvented itself as a high-fashion statement.


Take Wakai for an example. Wakai is a Japanese footwear brand that translated to “young lifestyle” and it offers an eclectic selection of slip-on footwear, accessories and apparel designed to cater to young, dynamic and spirited individuals. Their unique lifestyle products are crafted with passion and dedication with homage to the funky Japanese culture. Which means, quirky colorful designs (score!)


Wakai Hashigo model features a removable cork sole making cleaning the shoes easier. The length of the shoe is supported by a stable rubber outsole that offers extra traction during the rainy days. With a simple slip-on design and funky colours and patterns, the Hashigo takes the stress out of having to find the perfect shoes to match your OOTDs.


If you’re all about pairing style with comfort, these babies would be a good fit for you. Visit Wakai for more trendy and funky designs to add to your everyday ensemble