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TEARPROOF: Tactically Designed to Last

TEARPROOF: Tactically Designed to Last

A great backpack is one of the very first thing you’ll need to get started whether you need it for school slash travelling the world. This specific bag needs to be durable, wear/tear proofed and most importantly, long lasting. Luckily, Tearproof imports and distributes only the best in equipment for the great outdoors activities such as camping, hiking, cycling and even backpacking.

If you’re going on a backpacking trip, show your masculine side with a Kalibre bag. Every Kalibre bag is engineered/designed to be your daily driver to withstand your daily activity.


Kalibre Valve

This particular Kalibre Valve is equipped with wind armour for motor-cyclist for light/long trip, rain cover to protect your own belongings especially in rainy season with airflow circulation back systems that support your back ergonomically. The bag is flooded with specialised smart compartments to enhance basic urban needs. If you’re using it for outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, cycling and kayaking, you’ll definitely appreciate the hydration compartment that lets you drink hands free. Other than that, the bag is enhanced with reflective signal, equipped with waterproof fabric, a cooling mesh ventilation and a zipper lock for easy securement.

Kalibre Streamside

Kalibre Streamside is designed to be versatile, multi-functional bag yet casual enough that you can bring it along anywhere. You could put any document, gadget, utilities, clothes and laptops inside and still have a space for everything else you need for a short trip. This Streamside Sling Bag is made from materials with high water repellent tech.


Micro Beads Travel Pillow

This U-shape design pillow lets your travel in complete comfort and arrive rested and relaxed at your destination. The Micro Beads Travel Pillow is filled with lightweight micro beads that mould to the contours of your head, neck and shoulders for customised support and toggles snugly around your neck for maximum support and comfort. Microbead travel pillows are a great alternative for anyone who’s not into memory foam and is perfect for long haul travel.


Get the best bag for your bucks with Tearproof range of products. Visit their store on ONESHOP now for more variety of travel backpacks and travel pillows. Happy shopping!