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Surprising Him on Father's Day

Surprising Him on Father's Day

It’s almost the time of year to celebrate the most important man in our life. Yes, we’re serious, but don’t panic. There are still plenty of gift options you can buy in a snap. Just because you’re making a last-minute purchase doesn’t mean the gift has to be terrible. So if you’re not sure what to get this year, why not forgo the usual tie or socks and check out our Father Day’s Gift ideas for every type of dads:

WAKAI slip-on | RIEKER shoes | RIP CURL cap | RAYBAN shades | TUX AND BLAZER bow tie | INGERSOLL watch | OAKLEY tee

Dandy Daddy: if your Dad is a well put together man, you know he puts a little extra effort into his appearance. So, what do you get the dad who’s always stylish, extremely dapper, has a pension for style? Get him things that keep him looking sharp and classy, of course! If you’re unsure what size or style shirt of pants he will wear, go for the small (but important) details like a cool stylish watch or a pair of fancy sunglass that works with his wardrobe and he wouldn’t hesitate to wear them in years to come.

GARMIN watch | IT ONE headphone | GADGET REPUBLIC wifi router| NXGEN-IT speaker | TIMEKEEPER SMART fitbit

Techie Daddy: so your dad is the kind who’s always equipped with the latest smartphone, or a tablet, or even a laptop? Oh, you got this. This is it. This is finally the year you will impress your dad with gift he’ll actually love and use! What’s wonderful about tech gifts is that you’re not limited by any one particular interest. Find the kind that works best with his go-to-gadgets and we can assure you that he will be thrilled with a present that he can use on a daily basis.

FLOWRIDER board | UNIVERSAL TRAVELLER duffel | RIP CURL cap | SPEEDO goggles | OAKLEY sunglasses | TEARPROOF backpack

The DADventurer: Does your dad enjoys travelling, exploring and is always ready for the next adventure? Since the world is his playground, get him the gears that will set your dad in comfort and style guaranteed to get him outdoors doing what he loves!

GINTELL treadmill | JOHNSON FITNESS body trimmer | TIMEKEEPER SMART watch | EFFECTIVE HERBS soup | YUMMI HOUSE bird’s nest

Health-conscious Dad: does your dad give you a run for your money when it comes to staying fit and healthy? If your dad is a fitness fanatic or better - a gym rat, then what better way to thank him than by adding a couple years into his life? Get him wearable techs to optimise and track his workouts.  Splurge on healthy drinks & foods to stock his fridge.


When considering gifts for your main man, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Look at what he likes and tailor a present that will make him feel special. So here’s to the dads who taught us how to ride a bike, how to tie your neckties or shoelaces, who helped clipped our nails once a week. In case nobody tells you, you are awesome! Happy Father’s Day!

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