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MUST-HAVES: Basic Swimmer Essentials

MUST-HAVES: Basic Swimmer Essentials

Whether you are swimming for fun, for health or just looking out to cooling off during a weekly swim in the local outdoor pool, you’re going to end up using some form of equipment to assist you while in the water.

Speedo is known of its full range of performance-based and accessories favored by people young and old worldwide. In addition, Speedo offers several lines of aquatic fitness aids and swim aids for children and adults, designed to motivate and help you get the most out of your activities.

Here are few essentials you should get and some additional swimming gears that can really help you improve faster:


Bubble Cap | Fastskin Prime Goggle Mirror



Swimsuit/trunk: Obvi. If you’re a woman, look for one designed for swimming rather than for beach fashion. You might want to look for a suit with a built-in bra for extra support. Men should look for either a pair of swim trunks or speedy-style brief.

Swim Cap: Swimming cap are particularly useful for those who have long hair or if you want to avoid them from getting into your face. A swim cap also protects your hair from the corrosive effects of chlorine or saltwater.

Swimming Goggles: They’re not exactly essential but we would highly recommend wearing them as they provide you a good field of vision for safe navigation and also, the last thing you want is having that chlorine all up in your eyeballs.


Biofuse Nose Clip | Biofuse Aquatic Earplug | Biofuse Training Fin



Nose Clip: when you learning front crawl or backstroke, it takes coordination to integrate breathing into the stroke, and it usually takes a while to learn how to do this. Using a nose clip keeps the water out of the nose, so it’s one less thing to worry about during the initial learning stage.

Ear Plugs: For some people, these might fall squarely under mandatory category. Wearing ear plugs helps in preventing water from getting in the ear canals, which can lead to infection. Earaches are not pleasant, believe us.

Swim Fins: swim fins are a great tool to have while learning the crawl and butterfly strokes. They give you an efficient kick and allow you to focus on the arm motions in crawl and on the body undulation in butterfly. Our preference goes to the short kind swim finds like the biofuse, as they put less strain on the Achilles Tendon.

Elite Pullbuoy | Elite Kickboard



Pull Buoys: the pull buoy is one of the standard pieces of equipment at the end of every swimmer’s lane. It’s a flotation device made of foam which you put between your legs. It gives the lower body enough buoyancy so that you don’t need to do leg work and is great to learn arm motions. Certain swimmers also use it to do front crawl lap swimming.

Kickboard: the kickboard can help improve your leg fitness, develop better balance in the water and mix up your training.

While there is a lot of subjectivity when it comes to training style, there is certain equipment all swimmers need to get better in swimming. Visit Speedo to find everything you need to hit the water.