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If you usually head to your gym without anything but your workout gear, then you are at the perfect place. For people who visit the gym on a regular basis, prepping a gym bag is a normal routine chore. But if you are new to this, then it is fairly common for you to forget important gym essentials or gym gear at home.
To avoid this, we would recommend to have a checklist of all the items you will need in the gym. Here is a quick list of 10 gym essentials to make packing your bag easier for you.
#1: Gym Bag

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Under Armour: UA Undeniable 4.0 Duffle SM
The very first thing you need, to carry your gym essentials kit with you to the gym, is a gym bag. When buying a gym bag, consider whether it fits your requirements, and go for something that is spacious but not too bulky. The right-sized bag will not only carry all your essentials but will also be easier to carry around on public transport.
If you shower at your gym, then buy a bag with separate dry and wet compartments. Most importantly, opt for a gym bag that is breathable and washable to avoid any musty odours and mildew.
#2: Exercise Mat

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Kettler Sport & Fitness: Adidas Premium Yoga Mat
An exercise mat is essential when doing bodyweight exercises, which are an important part of any good exercise routine to increase strength. An exercise mat not only protects your joints but also makes kneeling exercises easier especially if the floor is hard and uncomfortable.
Exercises mat are perfect for basic stretching and abs exercises. Even if you are doing deadlifts, you will need an exercise mat to do the warm-up steps. Buy a stretching mat that is big and thick enough to offer you protection from friction and abrasion from the ground.
#3: Sneakers

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Li-Ning: Women’s Running Shoes | Men’s Running Shoes
A proper squat or deadlift starts at the feet, and these exercises require specialised shoes. A comfortable pair of sneakers crafted for better efficient power transfer from your feet to the floor with a good grip are an ideal choice.
Gym shoes might look like an obvious item to keep in your bag, but it is crucial to use the specific type of shoes you will have to wear for a specific workout. Sneakers are excellent for low impact, lifting, HIIT, weight-centred cardio, and fat burning exercises. Moreover, if you are a professional runner, you should get shoes made particularly for road wear and tear.
#4: Workout Clothes

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Energized: Clarity Racerback Sports Bra | Anta: Men’s Running Woven Track Pants
If you’re not wearing your workout clothes to the gym, make sure you always have a fresh set in your gym bag. A breathable, well-fitting outfit including a top, shorts/pants and socks is a gym bag essential.

#5: Smart Watch

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Garmin: Forerunner 245
It is a good idea to get yourself a smartwatch to keep track of your calories burned, steps were taken during cardio, and heart track to help you stay fit and healthy. When you do not feel like wearing your watch, you can just toss it in your gym bag. Plus, you can use it as a GPS tracker for your runs, as a vibrating alarm, and for leading your personalised breathing sessions to decompress during the day.
#6: Earbuds

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IT One Superstore: IFrogz Truly Wireless Earbuds Airtime
If you want to make your workout fun and easier to get done with, then add music, and you will be surprised to see how enthusiastic and pumped-up music will make you feel. According to research, music will help you get in the zone and pace your workout. Don’t forget to throw in a pair of wireless earbuds before you leave for the gym, otherwise, you will get bored quickly.
Another important reason to switch to wireless earbuds is that they do not have a cord which will get stuck in a piece of equipment when you lift, head-man you and send your device flying across the gym.
#7: Towel

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Kettler Sport & Fitness: Gym Towel
Wiping down equipment after using it is part of proper gym etiquette. You may want to bring a second towel to use after your workout as well.

#8: Water Bottle

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Under Armour: Playmaker Squeeze 32 Oz. Water Bottle
Staying hydrated is extremely important during workouts to prevent your body from getting dehydrated. So, make sure that you have a water bottle in your gym bag along with other gym bag essentials.
Opt for a water bottle that is leakproof, to avoid any spillages in the gym bag, and reusable because reusable bottles are good for the environment and also keep water colder for more time. Make sure to get a bottle made of durable and high-quality BPA-free stainless steel. And if you buy a reusable plastic bottle, buy one made from non-toxic BPA plastic.
#9: Rumblerollers

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Kettler Sport & Fitness: Foam Roller 14 x 60cm
RumbleRollers are a scientifically crafted mobility tool made to imitate a thumb-like massage pressure for deep tissue. If you do strength training, then you definitely need to add this to your gym bag essentials bodybuilding and make it a regular part of your routine, before and after workouts. A rumbleroller breaks up knotted muscle fibres and get rid of tightness.
Another reason to add a rumbleroller to your bag is that it increases the range of motion, lowers the risk of injuries and ensures faster recovery. You can also make it a part of your home gym essentials if you do heavy-duty exercises.
#10: Hand Sanitiser

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SASA: AceMD Advanced Hand Sanitizer
Hygiene must come first, at all times. As much as we all love going to the gym regularly to keep up with our fitness goals, the gym is quite honestly a very unhygienic place full of health hazards.
Apart from the unbearable smell of odour and sweaty equipment used by everyone, there are so many more threats. You can easily catch some pretty gross stuff while working out at the gym such as viruses, bacterial infections, genital warts, and allergens. To avoid all those hazards, carry a hand sanitiser in your gym bag.

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