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No matter if you have a cat, a dog or even a chicken, every pet has items – like food and toys – that it needs to live a long, happy life. If you’re considering to get a pet anytime soon, make sure you have all these essentials before bringing a pet into your home; running to the store in the middle of the night because you don’t have pet food is not a good idea. Here’s a list of pet essentials that every pet owner needs for their pet.


#1: Food


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The first obvious pet essential is food. Whether you choose raw food, dehydrated food, freeze-dried food, air-dried food, canned food or kibble, every pet needs healthy food. Make sure whatever food choice you go with has all the nutrients your pet needs.
Keep in mind that kittens and puppies, as well as elders, will need a different diet from adult cats and dogs.


#2: Supplements

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Keeping your pet healthy is vital. Most healthy pet food options will cover this, but sometimes it’s best to have that extra dose via supplements. Pick out some supplements that will boost your pet’s health.


#3: Treats


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With hundreds of treat options on the market, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the best treats for your pet. Treats can also go a long way when you start training your cat or dog.



#4: Grooming Supplies



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Cats and dogs alike need constant grooming, especially when they get older and have a harder time keeping themselves clean. Bathe your pet to keep their pelt clean and fresh and don’t forget to clean inside your pet’s ears to remove any extra wax.


#5: Crates, Cages & Gates

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Sometimes keeping your dog or cat in one room can be difficult. That is why crates, cages and gates are a great option for pet owners. Whether you are gone for hours at a time or simply don’t want your pet in the living room, cages and gates can help you keep your pet in its intended areas. Make sure your crate is easy to clean.
If you are house training, crates are necessary to help avoid accidents. Crates can also provide a safe, secure space with some privacy for your pet. Make sure your pet has enough space to stand up and turn around.

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