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Pregnancy is such a journey for any couple. We understand that things can get overwhelming especially when you are preparing to bring your sweet newborn home. Don’t stress: We are here to put your mind at ease as we have prepared a list of must-haves to help you best prepare for your impending arrival.

Car Seat

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Chicco: Unico Isofix Baby Car Seat
Your baby will need to ride in a car seat from the first hospital ride home and every time he/she rides in the car thereafter. You’ll need a rear-facing car seat that meets the latest safety standards and that is suitable for your newborn’s size and weight. Ensure the car seat is properly fitted to your car, and installed facing the back, before your due date.
The Unico Isofix baby car seat is the first Chicco car seat that accompanies little ones from birth till 12 years. It offers the perfect combination of safety, comfort and convenience.


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Getha: Togetha Baby Cot
Your baby will need a safe crib to sleep in, and, initially, your newborn will be snoozing at least 16 hours a day, or more!
Specially designed for multi-purpose use, the Togetha Baby Cot can be converted from your baby's sleep sanctuary into a study desk, day bed or kid's sofa. The functional baby cot also lets you adjust from 3 height settings so you may modify it to suit your baby's growth stage, with a lock gate that can easily be maneuvered with one hand while you hold the baby.
The pull out drawers let you store your baby's needs conveniently, while the rollers with stopper function let you move the cot where you need it.

Bottles & Teats

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Mamours: Bebe Confort Baby Bottle Slow Flow | Bebe Confort Teat - 0m + Slow Flow
Whether you plan to breastfeed or formula feed, for some babies bottles are a must. There are glass and plastic options. Some of the plastic ones even come with a bottle liner insert to reduce the amount of air your newborn swallows. When choosing a bottle, consider the nipple shape and size, too. You may need to try a few different nipple ends before finding one your newborn likes.
Whatever your feeding choice, breast or bottle only, or perhaps a combination of both, Bébé Confort Natural Comfort is the bottle that will fulfill your expectations and be naturally accepted by baby thanks to its new physiological Natural Comfort teat.
The Natural Comfort teat in silicone has been designed in with experts on new-born babies and baby feeding. It works in harmony with your baby’s natural sucking action: the distinctive asymmetrical and physiological shape imitates the shape of a breast so as to resemble natural feeding as closely as possible. It reduces significantly colic and regurgitation thanks to its Dual Air System that regulates air flow.
95% of babies easily accepted the teat, even breastfed babies. Ideal to alternate between breast feeding and bottle feeding.



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Mamours: Bebe Confort Premium 2x Natural Physio Soothers
Your newborn may want to suck to soothe herself. Keep in mind that pacifiers have a way of going missing, so you may like to have a few on hand.
The ergonomically designed Natural Physio range of dummies in silicone or in latex imitate the shape of the breast during feeding to offer your baby maximum comfort. It is ideal for appeasing baby’s need to suck, particularly for breastfed babies. Glows in the dark so that you can easily find the soother in the dark.



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Isetan: Mellow Newborn Dino Rompers | Mellow Fox Romper Set
Onesies that snap between the legs are easy to put on and take off your baby and give you easy access to the diaper area for diaper changes. Depending on what the weather will be, choose something with short sleeves or long sleeves, and choose between ones that keep your newborn’s legs entirely exposed or the full-body ones that cover the legs and feet.

Shampoo & Soap

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L’Occitane: Shea Baby Foaming Cream 300ml

 Choose a mild shampoo and soap designed especially for newborns and young babies.
L’Occitane’s Shea Baby Foaming Cream is perfect for bath time, this cream transforms into a delightful foam that's gentle on baby's delicate skin, hair and scalp and doesn't sting the eyes. Made withnaturally derived ingredients, including shea extract and glycerine, it leaves baby's skin clean, fresh and soft.

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