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The Chinese New Year festival is considered to be the most important 15 days of the year as it sets the potential for the upcoming year's prosperity and fortune. Welcome the year of the Rat on a right foot with our list of must-haves and enjoy a blessed celebration!


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Balloon Wonderland: Fabric Lantern
Nothing embodies Chinese New Year quite like the iconic, quintessential scarlet spherical lantern! Hanging red lanterns in front of the door is believed to drive off bad luck. And hey, they're pretty to look at too!

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Le Creuset: Flower Teapot Set
Elevate your Lunar New Year tea gatherings with this set. The specially designed flower-shaped lid is not only beautiful but represents great fortunes. Choose to keep it or gift it to a tea-lover for this New Year. Thank us later!

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Balloon Wonderland: Decorative Sticker 
Your house is incomplete without a “Fu” character decoration for this Chinese New Year. “Fu” means happiness and freedom, both of which are desirable all-year round. Have this sticker as a festive decoration, or leave it in as a permanent one.

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Grand Treasure Shop: Ceramic Fortune Cat
Attract wealth and good luck for the coming year with this cute cat figurine. It is also believed that this cat will be able to fulfill all your wishes. Whether you place it in your home or office, this cat will bring all the extra luck you need!

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JJT 888 Feng Shui House: Golden Rat
Complete your celebration with this Golden Rat decorative. Of the 12 signs, the Rat is said to be the most flexible, adaptable and able to make a living no matter what the circumstance. This piece symbolises accumulation and preservation of wealth. It ensures you prosper and thrive no matter what the external economic conditions may be.

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Oriental Art Express: Golden MoneyTree
Spruce your home up with this money tree. Having this money tree in your home signifies a steady profit and everlasting financial support. Shimmering golden coins grow on the branches of this tree, perched on a wealth pot filled with treasure. Truly auspicious!
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Happy Chinese New Year from all us in ONESHOP!

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