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Whether it’s an outing with your girlfriends or a cocktail party, the right pieces of jewellery will add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. The jewellery we use to match our ensembles can be extremely personal – gifted by a loved one, reminding us of happy times, or simply worn to make us feel special. So no matter where you’re going, make sure you find jewellery which makes you feel pretty and comfortable. Check out our guide to help you choose the perfect jewellery for any occasion.



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De Gem: Swan Lake Diamond Necklace
Casual Wear
In a casual setting like brunch, catching up with friends, or enjoying the weekend, choose jewellery which makes you feel happy, comfortable and like yourself. Try something fun and colourful like a pendant necklace or perhaps choose a personal touch like your birthstone.

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When you’re working it’s best to keep it simple. Remember, less is more. Try opting for understated jewellery, avoid anything big and clunky and anything that can get in the way of your job. This bangle from Goldheart is a minimalistic piece that guarantee to add charm to your 9-to-5 looks.


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Diamond & Platinum: Dazzle Delight Gold Ring

Be a showstopper! This is definitely the time to wear your statement jewellery. Try wearing flashy diamond earrings, a bold cocktail ring or a loud necklace. If it’s bright and beautiful, it’s perfect for party time! A party is a great setting to show off your most fashionable jewellery.


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Formal Occasions
If you’re attending a dinner party, gala or official event, it’s time to favour classic, timeless and effortless jewellery. Pearls are a great idea and go with any colour or style of outfit. To make a statement, select matching pearl earrings, necklace and bracelet.

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