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Looking for a spot to catch up with your friends or feeling adventurous to try something new? We got you! Check out some of the best deals by the people of 1 Utama Shopping Centre, specializing in assorted beverages to inspire your next quick hang-out session!


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Baskbear Coffee: 3 Drinks at RM20
Drop by Baskbear Coffee for the best of everyday coffee that is high in quality and affordable. Quickly recognizable with its striking combination of yellow and orange, Baskbear Coffee is a cool spot to catch up and relax over a cup of your favourite coffee. Purchase their e-voucher on ONESHOP to enjoy three drinks at just RM20!


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Juice Works: RM10 Cash Voucher

Looking for healthier beverage option? Check out Juice Works for a variety of healthy fruit juices from Juice works hand crafts fresh fruit juices and healthy smoothies using only the freshest and most natural ingredients. With over 30 flavours to choose from, one will be spoilt for choice here.


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Dream Color: Butterfly Series

Feast your eyes while quenching your thirst with Dream Color’s offerings. Dream Color serves the most Instagrammable drink inspired by the North Pole’s Aurora lights. Their drinks are made of 100% Butterfly Pea flowers combined with teas and juices. There are four series of drink to choose from- Butterfly Series, Cloud Series, Fruit Series and Tea Series. All their drinks are 100% preservatives and colouring free.




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Tiger Sugar: Brown Sugar Boba Milk Voucher
Enjoy a fiercely stunning cup of Boba Tea at Tiger Sugar. Tiger Sugar is not just an ordinary milk tea. It is a sophisticated dessert beverage crafted with traditional Taiwan brown sugar. The name Tiger Sugar came from the aesthetically pleasing appearance when fresh milk is poured into the brown sugar-coated cup resembling the stripes of a tiger. Save 20% off all their e-vouchers when you shop them on ONESHOP!


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Fruits Fool: Buy 1 Free 1 Fresh Orange Juice
In need of a quick pick-me up? Then try Fruitfool’s refreshing and thirst-quenching watermelon and orange juices. These juices are pressed freshly upon request and there is no added preservatives or sugar. Get their e-vouchers easily on ONESHOP to enjoy buy 1 free 1 juices.

                                  Tip: All our e-vouchers are sent to your registered email as soon as you make the purchase. Flash the voucher to the respective store staff to instantly redeem & enjoy!

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