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Dining table accessories are essential to customise the kitchen. Plates, cutlery and glasses are but some among other table accessories that can be chosen with care and attention in order to unleash your creativity and complete the dining table. Accessories for the dining table are available in a multitude of colours, materials and shapes, range from a classic to a modern style and are designed to meet any furnishing requirement.
If you’re thinking to give your dining table a makeover, here are some accessories that you should consider.

#1: Plate

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Le Creuset: Meshed 25 CM Round Plate Flint
Plates play a crucial role in the setting of a table. From serving plates, to bread plates and dessert plates; plates are the dishware that keep us company throughout the whole duration of meal. From a good choice derives an accurate and original mise en place that aims to make the moment of any meal a unique one and show care towards our guests.
#2: Cutlery Set

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Live It Up!: Minimale 24 Pcs Menu Set In Rose Gold
An essential accessory of the table is cutlery set that together with plates, allow to properly taste any kind of food. The set in its simplest version includes a knife, a fork and a spoon, to which it is possible to add a number of special pieces of cutlery, each of which is to be used with a specific type of food. Stainless steel cutlery sets are the most used version. As a matter of fact, this material is hygienic, resistant, apt to be washed in several ways, anti-rust. However, the market offers several interesting alternatives such as cutlery with a lacquered grip, in wood or ceramic. For the most informal lunches, for instance those you have outdoor, there are also cutlery sets in plastic or other synthetic materials that are at the same time conceived for an intensive use and to be in contact with food.
#3: Tray

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Muji:  Acacia Tray 32CM
Tray is one of the most important accessories for the kitchen or the table. It comes in handy to easily carry easily carry food and beverages, plates, glasses, cups, bowls, and bottles from the island, or wherever the food has been prepared, to the coffee or dinner table. In spite of being plain practical objects, they can add a final extra touch to food presentation too.

#4: Coaster

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Yenji Clay Craft: Handmade Clay Craft Coasters
Drink coasters are table accessories that are used as small supports for cups and glasses. Their function is essentially to avoid that the surface where the drink is laid gets damaged. The market offers drink coasters of all kinds, with the most varied colours and shapes. As for the materials, drink coasters are almost always made of absorbent and insulating materials.
#5: Bowl

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RYO Lifestyle: Marble Plated Bowl
A serving bowl is mostly used to keep food for guests to help themselves or for the host to serve. The usual practice involves setting out the bowls on a tabletop or buffet and then placing the corresponding cutlery inside or nearby.
#6: Tea Set

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Purple Cane: Joyous Fortune Gourd Teapot Set
If you have tea often or have guests over for tea, you’ll want to invest in a lovely tea set. At one end of the table, you can find the China tea set and tea tray. Place the required number of cups, saucers, and teaspoons on the table to the right. The left side of the table is set with plates, silverware, and tea napkins.

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