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Feel like staying in or having a lazy day? No problem! Unleash your inner couch potato once in a while to reward all the hard works you do throughout the year! It’s called balance. Don’t even feel like cooking? That’s okay because ONESHOP’s Food Delivery service have you covered.
Here are some ideas on what you can consider for each meal in a day, enjoy!
#1: Breakfast

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Samtai Yamch’a Dapur: Nasi Lemak With Teh Tarik

Breakfast is basically the most important meal of your day, so we’d suggest for you to go for a hearty one. Nothing beats the Malaysian famous breakfast, Nasi Lemak and cup of hot, satisfying The Tarik! Strat off your day like a champion with this affordable set from Samtai Yamch’a Dapur.

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Bread Story: Just Raisin Bun

 If you’d prefer breakfast the old school style, check out Bread Story for their amazing and delicious selections of bread, pastries and confectioneries at prices that please your pocket.

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Baba Nyonya House: Kuih Lapis Bunga Telang

Not hungry for a hearty meal for breakfast? Why not try assorted kuehs from Baba Nyonya House. They are not only tasty but definitely pleasing to the eyes too because they come in various pretty colours. Some of their famous offerings include curry puffs, Seri Muka, Ondeh-Ondeh, Kuih Talam Pandan and more.
#2: Lunch

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BMS Organics: Multigrain Rice With Satay Sauce
Looking for vegetarian option? Check out BMS Organics for their super delicious Bento sets and other ala carte offerings.  BMS Organics is well-known for their healthy, organic and tasty vegetarian food.

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Wondermama: Ayam Penyet Pedas With Nasi Biru + Mamak Pasta

Not sure if you want rice or noodles for lunch? Wondermama have you covered! Tru their Ayam Penyet pedas with Nasi Biru + Mamak Pasta, it’s out of the world! Thank us later.

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Sushi King: Top Faves

Hungry for some Japanese delights? Check out Sushi King and get your cravings satisfied! They’ve got everything from sushi and bento to udon, ramen and more to keep you occupied.
#3: Snack/Tea Time

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Street Churros: Churro Hotdog

Satisfy your evening hunger pangs with Street Churros’ range of tasty offerings. We’ve got our eyes on the Churro Hotdog! It comes in three different flavours like Cheddar Cheese, Crazy Chili and Nacho Cheese. Give it a go now!

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Tiger Sugar: Brown Sugar Pearl Black Tea Latte With Cream Mousse

Get boba-ly with assorted boba drinks from us. Check out brands like Tiger Sugar, Gong Cha, Chun Yang Tea and more.

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Nando’s: Choc- A-Lot Muffin

Craving for something sweet? This is it! Sink your teeth into this double chocolate muffin infused with rich melted chocolate from Nando’s, highly recommended!
#4: Dinner

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Kluang Station: Mee Siam With Chicken Rendang

We’d recommend taking lighter meal during dinner such as this Mee Siam with Chicken Rendang that is not too heavy yet packs a punch that makes your taste buds sing and dance.

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Fish & Co: Arctic Fish & Chips

End your day with this super satisfying artic fish and chips. The crunchy yet succulent fish paired with crispy chips is a combo that never goes wrong.

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Seaweed Club: Hot Chick Set

Prefer chicken? No problem! Consider this Hot chick set from Seaweed Club that comes with two sides of your choice.
Feel free to browse our Food Delivery page for other tantilisiang options. Our Food Delivery service is available daily from 11am -7pm.

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