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Sleep is about as simple as it gets: Hop in bed, close your eyes, and nod off. In theory, you’re not really supposed to need any extra stuff in order to snooze soundly. But in practice, there are some things in your bedroom that make the difference between ok rest and truly better sleep.
Don’t worry, we’re not talking about going out and buying a bunch of weird, useless gadgets. We’re talking about a few smart, thoughtful basics that can actually have a positive impact on how you snooze.
Here’s what they are—and why they’re so important for achieving quality sleep.

#1. A comfortable mattress

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Getha: King Size Compass Star Mattress
 A supportive mattress that aligns your spine can help prevent back pain and improve the quality of your sleep.
#2. Comfortable pillows

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Hooga: Leah Contour Memory Pillow
 Pillows that support your head and neck can help prevent headaches, neck pain, and shoulder pain.
#3. High-quality sheets and bedding

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Home’s Harmony: Diana Carlo Cotton Bedsheet
 Soft, comfortable bedding made from breathable materials like cotton, linen, or bamboo can help regulate your body temperature and promote restful sleep.
#4. Room-darkening curtains or blinds
 Light can interfere with your body's sleep-wake cycle. Using room-darkening curtains or blinds can help keep your bedroom dark and promote sleep.
#5. White noise machine
 A white noise machine can create a consistent, calming sound that helps drown out other noises and promote relaxation.
#6. Essential oil diffuser

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Puras: USB Diffuser Bundle
 Essential oils like lavender, chamomile, or cedarwood can have a calming effect and help promote relaxation.
#7. Sleep mask

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Getha: I am Sleeping Eye Mask
 A sleep mask can block out light and create a sense of darkness, which can promote restful sleep.
#8. Earplugs
 Earplugs can help block out noise that may disturb your sleep.
By incorporating these items into your sleep environment, you can create a space that is conducive to restful, restorative sleep.

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