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Home fragrance is an effective way to enhance the aesthetics of a space. It helps to set the right mood in the room and studies have also shown that the sense of smell has a powerful impact on mood, stress and working capacity! ‘Which fragrance is right for my home?' If this question crosses your mind often, then our guide on different types of home fragrances and where to use them, will be able to help!



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Lovely Lace: Reed Diffuser 200ml


Reed Diffuser

Reed diffuser gives out a consistent yet subtle scent making it ideal for smaller rooms and powder rooms. Reed diffusers are recommended for bedrooms, as you need something consistent yet mild. A high-quality reed diffuser will take about an hour to release the smell into the air and will last a couple of months, provided they are turned upside down every week or so.


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Oil Burners / Tea Light Diffusers

The reach of these burners is good and if placed at strategic points in a room, they can help a large space, such as a formal drawing room, become fragrant in about 10-15 minutes. Oil burners and candles work best for the living room—a flickering light is always a great way of enhancing the corners and these burners can also be used to add to the overall aesthetic of a room.


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Yankee Candle: Large Jar Pink Sands

Scented Candles

Apart from adding charm to whichever setting they are introduced to, scented candles are one of the classic and most effective ways to make your home smell nice. Scented Candles not only remove bad odour but also add fragrance and help in illumination. So when you are using candles, you are setting the tone in terms of making the space look plush while inducing the feeling that some amount of effort has been put into designing the room.


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Electric Fragrance Diffuser

Electronic fragrance diffuser takes only 5-10 minutes to completely heat up the essential oil. Depending on the type of essential oil, thicker oils such as Sandalwood might take a longer time to heat up and release the scent. They are recommended for homeowners with young children and pets and work well in living rooms, dining rooms and even in the study. All they require is a plug point, and essential oils of your liking that need to be refilled regularly.


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Une Olive En Provence: Olive Flowers Room Spray 150ml


Home Spray

Home fragrance sprays are the quickest ways to make any room smell fantastic! They refresh up stuffy rooms or cover up unpleasant bathroom smells instantly. They are also suitable for minimalist homeowners who wish to keep their home interior elements to the minimum. They work in virtually any area of the house!

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