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Smartphones have quickly become integral part of our daily life. They go everywhere we go; they keep us organised and easily connect us to the rest of the world within a few clicks. If you’re a heavy user, relying on your phone’s basic accessories alone is no longer enough. But having the right ones certainly can help make your life a little easier.

With that in mind, here are few useful accessories that you can consider:


MI HOME, Mi Car Charger Pro 18W
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Hands down, this car charger is the best so far. Just by the feel of its metal casing and its weight you can immediately get the confidence about its quality and performance. Comes with dual USB ports with maximum output power of up to 3.6A each. It also has LED ring light illumination when charging, making it easier to locate in the dark. It also comes with 5 layers of circuit chip protection; output overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, output overvoltage protection, to prevent electromagnetic interference and high temperature protection.


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You might want to invest in a car mount holder if you’re the type that uses the navigational system on daily basis and this baby not only let your mount your phone safely but you can also charge it at the same time without having to deal with the messy cable. It offers 360 degree horizontal rotation for different viewing angles, 90 degree vertical rotation for better viewing, shockproof, anti-shake, comes with 3-in-1 2.1A fast charge for both iPhone and android phones together with type-c connector.


IT ONE SUPERSTORE, Torrii Kevable 3-in-1 Data Cable
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If you’re going to invest on a lifeline, might as well invest in a good one, right? Torrii Kevable 3-in1 data cable made with DuPont Kevlar fibre, which is known to be used in bulletproof vest. Now while the chances that someone is going to shoot and actually hit your data cable is basically miniscule, what that means is that the inner wiring is reinforced, the outer jacket is abrasion-resistant and its flexible insulation minimises damage from friction. It’s indestructible. If this doesn’t entice you then the ability to switch from Micro to Lightning to USB-C might.


MOBILE GADGET, Sudio Tre Wireless in-ear Headphone
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Wireless earphones are the saviour for us who suffers from having to alternate between charging and plugging in the earphone. The Tre have an impressive sound quality and have 9 hours of battery life with Siri voice control. The TRE is designed for the active lifestyle so it fits well and securely in the ear even when you are exercising. It’s like, it’s portable, it’s tangle-free, it’s everything you’ll ever need.


NXGEN-IT, Tronsmart Prime Portable Charger 10KMAH
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If you’re an avid smartphone user, you know you’ll need a few charges just to keep your day running. If you’re fortunate, you’re near an outlet. But if you’re not, this is where a good power bank comes in handy. This Tronsmart helps you rid the cable mess moment with its wire-free design and meets air travel guidelines for frequent fliers. Built with premium materials with smart charging chips for longest durability. This power bank comes with 2 2.4A output USB port with the capacity of 10K MAH.


So, there you have it, these are some of the accessories you should consider investing on to keep your smartphone lifestyle going in any circumstance. Happy shopping! :)

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