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The shape of different types of earrings can influence the way your face looks. In fact, earrings can make it seem as if your face is wider, thinner, longer, or larger. So, have you been using the right pair of earring that flatters your face shape? If you’re not sure, we would recommend you to check out our guide on how to choose the perfect earrings for your face shape now!

The Inverted Triangle Face

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Jeoel: Precious Love Diamond Earrings

This type of face shape is characterised through a wider forehead that narrows down toward a pointy chin. Very often confused with the heart-shaped face, the inverted triangle shape face can be balanced to make it seem as your jawline is wider. Chandelier and teardrop earrings are the styles that can create this illusion and accentuate your beauty.

Oval Face

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Love & Co.: LVC Charmes Clover Diamond Earrings In Rose Gold

This type of face can allow you to wear almost any type of earrings. Simple studs and geometric drop earrings accentuate your lovey cheekbones and other facial features.

Round Face

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Chic Chic: Red Pearl Drop Earrings

For this type of face, all styles of drop earrings will help elongate your face and also make it look slimmer. It is very important to avoid hoops, button studs, and large circular earrings which will only emphasize the shape of your face.

Heart-Shaped face

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Jeoel: Kaleido Petals Diamond Earrings

You can counterbalance the sharp shape of your chin with teardrop or chandelier earrings. Because the earrings are wider at the bottom, they will fill in the lower part of your face, making it more balanced. Statement earrings also look great with a heart-shaped face. 

Long, Narrow Face

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Denni & Co: Twisted Golden Hoops

For this type of face, it is best to wear circular earrings that will emphasise your face’s width, such as short dangles, hoops, clustered earrings.

Square face

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Pandora: Logo Silver Earrings With Clear Cubic Zirconia

To soften the hard edges of your face, you can go for round-edged earrings. Stay away from square studs and other types of earrings that have sharp corners and reinforce squareness.

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